Overshooters online

Overshooters Anonymous is as of today an online meeting point.

We start in April 2022 with weekly posts on different aspects of overshoot [see the eminent book “Overshoot” by William R Catton] and what we can do about it. Feel free to contribute your own experiences, ideas and observations in the comment sections below each post. Feel free to reach out if you want to contribute a guest posting.

Most of us in the Rich World are complicit in the destruction of the living world. Many of us live with shame and guilt.

By sharing our stories and struggles, we help each other to raise to the challenge and more often do the right thing. Become our better selves.

Here on OA, we also interview inspiring people who have transformed their lives, out of consumerism into generativity, from destructive careers to world restoring livelihoods.

One excellent book about “Overshoot”.
Audio version for free here. PDF available here.