“I am Goran, and I have a problem”, are my first words when I meet other Overshooters.

Since 2022, I run Overshooters Anonymous Online, as an attempt to reach out to others who struggle with consumption addiction.

“Ecological Handprint” – i.e. when we act as generative actors to create life and strengthen the biocapacity – is the main method to regain confidence and hope.

I am a middle aged man who was lost in the delusions of an international industrial career before I realized that I was destroying the planet in my efforts to gain status and prestige. I left the office for good.
Nowadays I am an organic farmer, nut tree grower, writer and activist.

Overshooters Anonymous helps me to keep the direction towards a better tomorrow.

But I would lie if I said that I never miss the luxury of a first class lounge or a five star hotel. I still remember how excited I was when I got to ride with Achim in a muscle car on the BMW test track outside München. And my ego boost when I was selected to build a technology center in Asia. Or the pride of the patents I was granted, that block others from improving wind turbines. (What was I thinking!?)

I am a recovering overshooter. The guilt of my transgressions on the planet will be with me all my days, and I do what I can to repent and regenerate.

Join us online by commenting on the weekly posts or form a local support chapter in your town. Invite people to your place. Support each other. Cry together. Laugh together. Enjoy a better life.

You can reach me on:

“I am Goran and I have a problem”.