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  • “RetroSuburbia” – book review

    “Retrosuburbia – the downshifter’s guide to a resilient future” by David Holmgren This is the best utopian description of a sustainable future that I have ever read. It is compelling and realistic and beautiful. David Holmgren generously shares his experiences from forty years of local livelihood and community reliance at Melliodora in Australia, about what […]

  • Planetary Boundaries

    Planetary Boundaries

    The planetary boundaries is a scientific model that describes the human overshoot in more detail. Johan Rockström collected a selection of world leading geo-bio-physical scientists to see where it is possible to make quantitative models of our human load on different subsystems of the biosphere. The first article on the planetary boundaries was published in […]

  • Junk Values

    Junk Values

    During the last year, I have been pondering how we the general trend in society has shifted its values from solidarity to self-promotion, from generosity to greed. I guess you know what I mean.Today I read the best description of this cultural shift, in the most excellent book “Lost Connections” by Johann Hari. The book […]

  • Overshooters Anonymous 12 step plan

    Overshooters Anonymous 12 step plan

    We learn from our friends at Alcoholics Anonymous and their 12 step programme. We meet together whenever possible and look into our hearts for strength. In the same spirit as AA we declare: We admitted we were powerless over consumerism — that our lives had become unmanageable and unworthy. Came to believe that a power […]

  • On cooking

    On cooking

    The meaning of life is life itself. Bob Geldof Anything we do to strengthen and invigorate life on the planet and in ourselves is meaningful. I think that cooking is one of the most meaningful practices we can spend our time doing. When we cook, we transform almost inedible ingredients into delicious meals. We turn […]

  • Living well by doing good

    Living well by doing good

    We live in a fantastic time of epic challenges. We face dazzlingly difficult problems that are worth living, and dying, for. Existential threats to our civilization such as the climate catastrophe and an ongoing mass extinction of animals and plants. We live in a time of unrivaled opportunity for large and small heroic deeds. Still, […]

  • Overshoot Day 2022

    Overshoot Day 2022

    Today, 3 April, is the Overshoot Day 2022 for Sweden. In a rich country like Sweden, we consume lots of resources. We use fossil fuels for transportation and steel and cement production. We cut down forests and pollute the air, waters and soils. Earth can take quite some abuse, but there are limits to what […]

  • Overshooters online

    Overshooters online

    Overshooters Anonymous is as of today an online meeting point. We start in April 2022 with weekly posts on different aspects of overshoot [see the eminent book “Overshoot” by William R Catton] and what we can do about it. Feel free to contribute your own experiences, ideas and observations in the comment sections below each […]